Porchetta disaster!

I've always wanted to make a Porchetta.

 This is a Pork Loin and Belly is stuffed with fennel, lemon, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme and sage before being roasted for 4 1/2hours. It was served with honey and mustard potatoes and peas with feta and mint.

It was delicious .....

but two things went wrong.

1. The clock in our kitchen was low on battery, therefore giving the wrong time.

2. The Wine Pairing didn't happen. Our friends were giving a glass of fizz on arrival and (because of the clock) we sat down for food 5 mins later. I'd picked out a lovely NZ Pinot Gris and lighter style Malbec for this meal, but everyone was happy enjoying the fizz. So we stuck with the fizz

The good news is that the fizz was an exceptional match for Porchetta, cutting through the richness of the pork belly and lightening the whole dish up. There isn't just one perfect pairing, food and wine pairing is more of a subjective art than an exact science. The most important thing is to enjoy good food, with good wine and good company.

The porchetta Recipe: The recipe uses only a Pork Belly, but the belly and Loin is more traditional.

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