Real Companhia Velha Producer Tasting: 24th April

Tasting Notes for the Evening's Wines

At this exciting event we showcased six sensational Portuguese wines from highly acclaimed producer Real Companhia Velha. Here’s a handy reminder of the wines we all enjoyed.

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Real Companhia Velha

Real Companhia Velha is the oldest wine company in Portugal, having recently celebrated 265 years of constant trading since 1756. Since 1960, it has been run by the Silva Reis family, who have dedicated their efforts to the production of both Port and Douro table wines, focusing on the study and development of the Douro terroir, and sustainability.

Evel White

Evel is one of the oldest wine brand names in Portugal – fittingly, for Portugal's oldest wine company! – having been registered in 1913. The word 'evel' is an anagram of 'leve' ('light'). In this intriguing blend abundant aromas of peach, melon and lemon are layered with fennel and floral notes. This immensely fresh wine is balanced by lively salinity and acidity.

Dandy White

This fabulous and fascinating indigenous blend of Samarrinho – a very old grape varietal that has been subject to a recovery project after being close to extinction – and Cerceal is fresh and aromatic, with notes of white fruit and delicate, blossomy citrus. On the palate, it shows a vibrant, textured style, with good acidity and a lingering finish.

Séries Rufete

The 'Séries' range is all about limited release, single varietal wines with grapes selected from class A Douro field blends. The goal is to highlight the quality and characteristics of lesser-known Douro varietals, such as Rufete, which is elegant with soft tannins, yet expresses an excitingly wild, rustic character. It displays aromas of ripe wild strawberries, white pepper and delicate herbaceous notes.

Séries Tinto Cão

Tinto Cão is one of the most popular grapes for modern viticulture in the Douro region for its adaptability, resistance and good yields. This wine is expressive and characterful with plenty of aromatic complexity, showing red fruits and herbal tea. On the palate, elegant yet firm tannins provide a long, lasting finish.

Royal Oporto Medium Dry White Port

This fantastic Port is made from indigenous white grapes, and some residual sugar ensures that it is not fully dry. It's also aged in oak for 18 months to add depth and complexity. The result is a white Port that's fresh, versatile and layered, with a beautiful straw-like golden colour, ripe fruity aromas and delicious notes of hazelnut and honey.

Royal Oporto 10yo Tawny Port

We finish off this evening with a lovely bit of oxidative ageing! This fantastic fortified wine is a classic tawny Port, aged in oak, and shows off a magnificent bouquet of mature fruit, gentle nuttiness and spice with a harmoniously mellow structure. A very ripe and complex Port with beautifully balanced sweetness.

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