Christmas Pairing: Turkey

'Tis the season

Christmas is approaching increasingly rapidly, so we thought we'd give you a head start with our series of Christmas wine blogs! From gift ideas to pairings for the big day, we've got you covered. Today, the main event: pairings for your roast turkey!

When it comes to pairing wines with your Christmas turkey, there are a variety of options to consider; we'll be giving you adventurous, classic and iconic options for both red and white wine that will match your roast turkey sumptuously.


To add a touch of adventure to your feast, Spain has the answers: why not consider adding white Rioja or Mencía to your wine list.

Our Valdebaron Rioja Blanco is an unconventional yet delightful choice to accompany your turkey. It offers a combination of fresh acidity, subtle oak influence and fruity flavours of apple and pear complement the succulence of the meat. Its versatility also allows it to go well with the abundance of festive side dishes typically served with Christmas dinner.

For those who prefer red wine, the Pepe Porter Mencía is an exciting option. Hailing from Galicia in northwestern Spain, this lesser-known variety offers a light-bodied palate filled with flavours of raspberry, redcurrant and cherry. Its juicy and smooth texture pairs perfectly with the tender, juicy meat of your turkey.


If you prefer to stick to classic wine choices, white Burgundy such as Saint-Véran and luscious, light Beaujolais will not disappoint.

Thierry Drouin 'Plaisance' Saint-Véran offers a classic and elegant profile. Delicate floral notes are layered with citrus and ripe yellow fruits, leading to a palate combining an elegant, mineral structure with lively, lemony flavours to harmonise with the rich flavours of your turkey roast.

On the red side, Famille K 'La Mère' Beaujolais is a safe but extraordinary bet. With delicious notes of red fruits like cherry and raspberry and a backbone of cedar-wood spice, it goes brilliantly with fruity stuffing and cranberry sauce. Its light body, low tannins and refreshing acidity also mean it won't overpower the turkey, making it a crowd-pleasing companion to your Christmas centrepiece.


For those seeking something iconic, Margaret River Chardonnay and old world Pinot Noir such as Morey-Saint-Denis are standout options. Larry Cherubino 'Cherubino' Chardonnay presents a refined and iconic expression of the style. It has lovely toasty oak complemented by layers of hazelnuts, peach and citrus fruit. It's elegant and full-flavoured, and its rich and buttery texture beautifully complement that of roast turkey – especially if you're having it with bread sauce!

As for the reds, Domaine Robert Gibourg 'Clos de la Bidaude' is a red Burgundy worth the spend. Its fresh yet complex nature, displaying baked strawberry and plum with a touch of cinnamon and minerality on the finish, adds depth to your dining experience. Its elegance and structure make it a special addition to your holiday table. 

Whatever you choose, these wines are worth experimenting with to find the perfect match for your taste preferences, and elevate your holiday meal to new heights. Cheers to a gastronomic Christmas!

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