Christmas Pairing: Pâté & Terrine

Deck the halls!

Christmas is approaching increasingly rapidly, so we thought we'd give you a head start with our series of Christmas wine blogs! From gift ideas to pairings for the big day, we've got you covered. Today we're exploring options for those rich and decadent Christmas pâtés and terrines!

When it comes to pâtés and terrines at Christmas, finding the perfect wine pairing can truly elevate the experience. Let's explore three wonderful options that we think will perfectly complement these delectable dishes and treat your taste buds.


For those seeking adventure, the Tahbilk 'Museum Release' Marsanne from Nagambie Lakes in Victoria is an excellent choice. This lesser-known white varietal offers a unique flavour profile, and the complexity of age shines through this wine with a honeysuckle and toasty nose. The rich palate brims with lemon and finishes with chalky, mineral freshness to provide a perfect counterbalance to the creamy textures of pâtés and terrines and cleanse the palate, leaving you wanting more.


If you prefer a classic pairing, we can look to Australia again: our Jim Barry 'Single Vineyard McKays' Riesling from Clare Valley is sure to please. Jim Barry was voted ‘2020 Winery of the Year' at the Halliday Wine Companion Awards, and it's not hard to see why – this wine offers a clean and vibrant taste that beautifully complements the savoury and earthy flavours of pâtés and terrines. Showing crunchy green apples and wet slate, electric acidity with limey citrus and an elegant, mineral finish, its lush, silky flow will create a harmonious symphony with every bite.


There can be few things more iconic than Sauternes, and the Château de Suduiraut 1er Cru Classé takes centre stage here as a wonderful example of the legendary Bordeaux dessert wine. This gorgeous, golden nectar of the gods captivates with its nose of orange peel and mineral notes and full bodied palate rich with almonds, spice, honey and candied fruits through to a luscious, lingering finish. Its intense sweetness and vibrant acidity intertwine with the richness of pâtés and terrines and also through the fattiness, creating a truly indulgent and memorable combination.

Whatever you choose, these wines are worth experimenting with to find the ideal match for your preferences, and one thing is certain: they'll add a touch of elegance to your festive celebrations. Cheers to a deliciously sophisticated Christmas!

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